Edition 2021

Sejny Summer Institute 2021: July 26 to August 3


Pablo Arnault (Paris), Games with causal inequalities and generalized probability theories

Källan Berglund (Penn State), Time and black holes

Titouan Carette (Nancy), Diagrammatics for special relativity

Kevin Chalas (Leuven), The problem of inextended points and synthetic differential geometry

Anne-Catherine de la Hamette (Vienna), Graviataional Aharonov Bohm effect

Guilherme Franzmann (Nordita), How can we recover the classical spacetime notions from pure quantum mechanics?

Alice Van Helden (Unamur), Relational quantum mechanics

Jackson Henry (Penn State), What is the behavior of matter in Causal Dynamical Triangulation?

Timothée Hoffreumon (Bruxelles), What can the antiunitary transformations teach us about quantum theory?

Viktoria Kabel (Vienna), Notion of “observable” that can be applied to both QM and GR?

Leon Loveridge (South-Eastern Norway), What is the meaning of conservation laws in quantum theory?

Natália Salomé Móller (Bratislava), Indefinite causal order

Eleftherios-Ermis Tselentis (Vienna), Possible causal relations for classical or quantum theory

Augustin Vanrietvelde (Oxford, London), What forms could a top-down quantum mereology take?

Jan Głowacki (Warsaw)

Pierre Martin-Dussaud (Penn State)

Alexander Thomas (MPIM Bonn)

Vaclav Zatloukal (Prague)


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