On the Wednesday, 5th of July the transportation from Augustów will be managed so that we shall all meet on the welcome dinner (an earlier arrival during the weekend may also be possible, let us know of your needs). The departure is planned for the 16th of July. Alongside the program described below, additional activities will be proposed, see "Other activities" page. The plan is as follows:


  • Day 1: Ask

Each participant will be given 15 minutes to succinctly present an interesting problem he or she would like to delve into during the week. In the evening of the first day, we collectively agree on a schedule for the next three days so that the time-like conflicts are minimized.

  • Days 2 - 4: Learn

Each problem is given half a day to be presented and discussed in some depth to a reduced voluntary audience. Each half-day starts with a mini-lecture/moderated discussion of 1 or 2 hours introducing the main ingredients of the problem. During each half-day, there will be two or three parallel sessions, so each participant will attend at most six problems. 

  • Day 5: Break
  • Days 6 - 9: Investigate

After three days of intense learning and debating, each participant decides which problem(s) he or she wants to focus on during the remaining days. Now is the time to let each group develop freely and tackle the problems at their own rhythm and intensity. Some stimulating activities like thematic walks, evening summaries, or writing a blog of progress will be proposed, but the format will be kept relaxed and mostly self-organized.

  • Day 10: Share

There will be an opportunity to present the results of common inquiries to all the members of the Institute in the format of your choice. This is also the time to keep enjoying the surroundings and make some planning for the future of the initiative.



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